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Come and spend your 67 minutes for Mandela Day at our organisation, interacting and learning from our inspiring members.

Many businesses get involved with our organisation on Mandela Day. Below are some ways you can spend your 67 minutes with us: 

  • Pack and distribute care parcels to our members
  • Accompany a group of our children on a fun and educational outing
  • Help us with our office maintenance needs
  • Help make toys and educational items for our visually impaired children
  • Give the gift of work experience, by providing our Employment Readiness Programme graduates with the opportunity to job shadow admin positions within your business for the day
  • Come on board to host a workshop for our Skills Development Programme participants in our field of expertise

Have another idea of a way you could get involved with us this Mandela Day? Let us know and we can develop an idea together.

If you are interested in partnering with us for Mandela Day 2020 or you would like to get involved in any way contact our PR and Awareness      Coordinator, Cashelle McLean at or call our office at +27 41 487 1150.